On September 29th, 2018, we’re making some changes to the QuestionPro navigation for creating, distributing and analyzing your surveys. Don’t worry, all the features you have come to expect are still available, we are only changing the names and location of a handful of features in order to make the overall experience easier to navigate.

Our customer experience platform, QuestionPro CX, is getting a navigation makeover!  All the features you have come to expect while creating, deploying, and analyzing a customer experience program are now easier to access. We’ve also moved additional analytic tools within each CX feedback program making it easier to analyze multiple touchpoint surveys along the customer journey….

Market research by definition is used to gather data on your current and prospective consumers that you want to target.  When deciding to conduct a market research project. It is typically best practice (if you have the time and resources) to begin with a qualitative study to obtain specifics that decide where to dig deeper in a quantitative study.

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Employee Feedback: Definition
Employee feedback is defined as a process of giving constructive suggestions to the employees by their reporting managers, supervisors and peers.

September is upon us. With it comes sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and hearty crock pot meals. Consumers are looking for warm comfort food and substantial drinks, and we are talking the top trends for fall 2018.
Consumers are turning away from the traditional bottle packaging for wine. Fall brings football season and tailgating, and smart wine brands realize consumers want alternative options to the traditional beer.