We’ve added in a new feature based on conversations with a few clients – The Branching Randomizer.
The Issue:
If you are running a survey where you ask respondents to choose (multiple items) from a list (Products that have been used, or What services you are interested in? etc.) — Then for each item, you have a series of follow-up questions that dive deep into that item –…

Vivek, Rob, and I will be attending the 33rd Annual CASRO conference next week in Palm Beach.
For more information about this conference, click here.
Please stop by and say hello if you are attending.  The ESOMAR and CASRO conferences have been very beneficial in the evolution of QuestionPro and IdeaScale products.  We will continue to make feature and reporting improvements as we gain more insight to where the research industry is going and more importantly, should go….

Rob and I got back from Montreal the other week after successfully attending the annual ESOMAR Market Research conference.  With over 1000 participants and 100 exhibition booths, ESOMAR, was by far the largest conference QuestionPro has attended as exhibitors. It was an honor representing our company and meeting so many interesting people.  It was a privilege to meet and interact with so many of our customers on a personal level. …