I still see lots of if ideas for QuestionPro coming into my inbox. While we have our own tracking system for reviewing ideas internally, I find myself going to our own IdeaScale portal and checking for new ideas there instead. I love seeing our customers make suggestions that I haven’t even had the time to think about!…

The fascinating thing about launching new services and products is the adrenalin rush we get when we see our tools being used — Seriously — as tech geeks, we _love_ the fact that our customers pay us money (well some of you at least) — but equivalently important is the fact that new concepts and ideas are used in the real world —…

Everyone wants to do branching, but it can be a little confusing to figure out! We threw together a quick help video that should clear up a lot of the confusion. Check it out on our YouTube Channel, or below.

A new web application in this day and age wouldn’t be complete without a few widgets. Of course we threw in a widget for IdeaScale! You’ve probably noticed the widget we have on our blog in the right nav, for the QuestionPro IdeaScale portal.

IdeaScale widgets let you display hot ideas, and ideas that are currently being worked on within your portal(s)….

Had a great time last night at nPost, demoing IdeaScale. We met lots of talented and interesting people, and gathered gobs of feedback. We managed to make it into semi-finals of the “clap-off”, but we ended up losing to ResueTime!
Thanks again Nathan!
nPost puts these events and mixers together for the Seattle tech./startup crowd pretty often….

As we see companies embrace more open feedback models and get into a user and customer centric feedback model, one of the challenges that comes up consistently is the notion of the Wisdom of the Crowd Vs. The Mob.
We’ve talked a many clients, and this is one of the consistent themes that come up that needs some attention and thought as we all navigate this open-feedback and open-access model….