Survey solutions are used to perform market research and gain insights into people’s choices, opinions, and experiences. Surveys are used in n number of situations, ranging from listening to the voice of customer, measuring employee satisfaction or launching a new product.
According to an online research firm Statista, 36% of the total market research spend was on market measurement, usage, and attitude studies.

Most organizations now realize that employees are their greatest assets. If your employees are happy, better is your organization’s performance, yet most organizations still declare human capital as a challenge. 
Some might say, finding the right talent, that fit the organization’s culture is a challenge. Quality candidates are rare to find and companies have to go out of their way to hire top performers.

What is employee engagement survey?
An employee engagement survey is a set of survey questions that are asked to gauge the levels of engagement amongst the employees in an organization. These surveys used to a pen and paper affair until a decade ago, however, these days the surveys are deployed using online survey tools. 

Business intelligence comes under the general category of applications that are used for collecting, storing, analyzing, and sharing data to help users make better and faster business decisions. With varied data collection tools, businesses and researchers have gained access to a large amount of data than before. However, the data itself isn’t enough to generate insights.

Conjoint analysis is a statistical method to find how people make choices and decisions. Respondents are shown different combinations of various product attributes such as benefits, features, pricing, etc. Analytics software for conjoint analysis lets survey creators design, distribute and generate reports from survey responses.
Enterprises need to make decisions that are backed by data.