A Quick Update has been released for the QuestionPro AppExchange Edition so that we can map QuestionPro Custom Variables (custom1, 2 etc.) to fields within Salesforce Objects.
The Custom Variable mapping works the same was as mapping for the different questions. Simply choose the custom variable and choose the fields for each survey.

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We had some initial discussions with Thomas Novak from Vanderbilt’s eLab and Gregg Van Rhyzin from eTownPanel who introduced the idea behind the weighted point system as compensation for panel members.
We are currently in the process of rolling out the qPoint system to be part of VerticalPanel™ – Panel Management Software.
The qPoint (Weighted Point System) allows you to combine the notion of instant gratification along with the weekly/monthly pick-a-winner drawing system….

Another requested feature that has been launched is the emailing of reports directly from QuestionPro. This feature allows (currently) you to email the Summary Report and the Open-Ended Text report to yourself at anytime.

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We’ve gone one more step further in integrating the QuestionPro Survey Software offering with Salesforce.com. The Single Signon Report URL can be placed as a custom link within Salesforce to view reports when you are logged into salesforce.com.
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We currently are beta testing a report scheduler for QuestionPro.
We’ve had requests from many of our clients to automatically deliver reports on specified intervals (weekly, monthly etc.) — Thank you everyone for your suggestions.
To access the Report Scheduler goto :
Login->(Select Survey)->Integration->Report/Data Scheduler

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After a little bit of coaxing from Tim Slavin from ReachCustomersOnline.com we finally decided to put together the official QuestionPro blog.
It’s our vision that this will serve as a launching and sound-off point for the exciting things that we’v planned for QuestionPro (and our parent company Survey Analytics LLC) in the future….