We use many words to describe those who answer our sometimes-tedious surveys: “respondents”, “participants”, “subjects”, etc. As some have noted, how about using “people”? Then maybe we’d empathize better with them for what we are asking them to do, as Rudley Raphael very eloquently argues in his article. It’s the right thing to do – give them a better experience, and we’ll get better information back….

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Open Ended Questions: Definition
Examples of Open Ended Questions
Open Ended Questions vs Close Ended Questions
Advantages of Open Ended Questions
How to write effective Open Ended Questions?
How can I add Open Ended Questions?

Open Ended Questions: Definition
Open-ended questions are defined as free-form survey questions that allows a respondent to answer in open text format such that they can answer based on their complete knowledge, feeling, and understanding….

Employee feedback, customers suggestions, new ideas – it’s great to be gathering such a rich source of data, but what are you supposed to do with all of that information once you have it?
In the idea management space, most of this type of feedback progresses through a funnel where the feedback is prioritized for some sort of action to be taken on it.

Smart home technology, which enables devices to be connected or controlled by a device, allowing automation of lighting, heating, security and home appliances, among other things, is growing. When we conducted our smart home report to gauge interest at the beginning of 2018, 48% of respondents planned to use digital voice assistant devices to convert their home to a smart home in 2018.

The majority of millennials graduated from school during the Great Recession (2008), and encountered a harshly competitive workforce. This resulted in many taking part-time jobs, or jobs outside of their degree in order to make ends meet. Millennials are currently the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, accounting for 31.7% of total employment.

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What is Conjoint Analysis?
Conjoint Analysis Example
When and How to use Conjoint Analysis
Key Conjoint Analysis Terms
Types of Conjoint Analysis
What Time is Conjoint O’ Clock?
Conjoint Algorithm
How to Conduct Conjoint Analysis using QuestionPro?

What is Conjoint Analysis?

Conjoint analysis is an advanced market research analysis method that attempts to understand how people make complex choices….