Why Your Company Desperately Needs Customer Insight Software (Part One)

Why Your Company Desperately Needs Customer Insight Software (Part One)Innovative companies are always inventing, and reinventing, creative ways to use technology to advance their business while engaging their customers and furthering relationships with them. With the advancement of social media and online engagement tools, online communities are a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers that are focused on customer experience excellence. And smart businesses do understand the benefits of embracing their customers’ insights. That is when they realize that they need customer insight software.

Customer Insight Software  – Gathering insights you never thought existed

As companies become more open to innovative ways of communicating and connecting with their customers, online communities and customer insight software are playing a crucial role in social business by providing the medium for such conversations. Companies are recognizing the benefit of customer insight software and are becoming a higher priority for many for a variety of reasons. In this three part blog post we will be exploring a few reasons why companies should commit to and invest in customer insight software.

Customer Insight Software Can Provide a Social Support Experience to Customers

Social Support goes beyond Social Media and Customer Service. It involves listening, engaging, and interacting with other individuals, in an online or physical environment.

Although customer insight software can be a key component for customer service, it plays an even more important role in social support for these same customers.  Customer insight software provides an environment that allows for customer service to take these relationships to a deeper, more meaningful level, by facilitating peer-to-peer support and significant conversations with valued, and targeted, customers.

By developing a customer community with the help of customer insight software, companies take a big step towards developing their relationships beyond a monolog. Instead of just talking at customers, a community lets you ask questions, observe your customers, take notes, listen, and discuss how you’d like to respond. For example, with QuestionPro Customer Insights Software you can leave focus groups, and step into Live Discussions  –  a feature that allows for community members to post ‘ideas’ for future product development. When Community members post an idea, the administrator(s) can reply to the suggestions as well ask more questions to gather more information. Additionally, the administrator(s) can also collect the feedback from other members as they rate or comment on the usability and value of that initial idea.

When providing such environments for your customers, you can collect feedback that can improve your current products and services, while taking notes for future developments. But most important, you create a setting in which your members feel comfortable to freely communicate their needs and opinions.

The result is that by deeply listening to and interacting with your valued customers, you end up nurturing relationships in a meaningful way that will make your customers feel special for being part of this particular community, and willing to speak about their positive experience. And positive word of mouth from engaged customers is the best kind of marketing you can possibly have. So forming a community with a customer insight software is a sound investment in helping to foster such marketing. Here are more reasons why to create a Community Member Portal.

Customer insight software is becoming a higher priority for customer-centric companies for a variety of reasons. By enriching your customers’ experience, and by enabling a collaborative environment in which the customers also become a part of the development process, you will improve your overall customer experience, resulting in better brand adoption and higher revenue. As we all know, a happy customer is a loyal customer… but that is a topic for our next blog.

Create a research community and ask us to help you along the process.