Interactive Polls for Students: What they are & How to Use them

Did you know there’s a way to promote student engagement through interactive polls for students? If you’re in the academic field or are interested in education, you’re in the right place.

Even though technological advances are rapidly increasing, the picture in the classroom is fairly the same as it’s always been: at least a few students find distractions to avoid paying attention to their teachers. At the same time, they work hard to get their attention and struggle to support their learning.

It’s essential to take into account the attention span of most students. Just like with any kind of audience engagement, students need intellectual stimulation to keep them engaged with a particular topic for an extended period. Providing interactive activities will increase engagement.

A great way to keep students engaged is through collective participation. Employing interactive polls for students in a class is a fantastic way to promote participation, facilitate learning, and encourage student engagement while having fun.

What are Interactive Polls for Students

Interactive polls for students are surveys that include animated graphics that students can manipulate online. Polls can be implemented as a reinforcement tool to promote learning in the classroom in more significant ways. 

The main goal of interactive polls for students is to generate positive experiences when the interaction occurs so that the answers provide us with accurate data to evaluate the impact of the class.

It’s been proven that interactivity helps students in the learning process, as they retain more information when actively engaged in some activity than when acting as passive listeners. Some of the best interactive activities teachers can employ in the classroom are, for example:

  • Interactive Polls for Students
  • Games or Trivia
  • Discussions in class
  • Conducting a book club
  • Practical experiments

If students feel like they’re being part of a bigger thing, while they are valued as individuals, they will develop teamwork skills and a sense of purpose. Interactive polls for students, for example, will require students to answer questions as each of them will add up.

The right software for Student Polling

LivePolls by QuestionPro is a totally free, user-friendly online engagement and student polls tool that lets you conduct quick online polls, quizzes, trivia, gather feedback, and showcase results in real-time.

In a nutshell, LivePolls engages audience participants in three easy steps:

  • Questions appear on the presenter’s and respondents’ screens.
  • Respondents answer questions.
  • Everyone gets the results at the same time!

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