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Conducting employee surveys is crucial to gather workforce insights. The frequency of these surveys, question types, and length can play an important role in its success. You need the majority of your workforce to not only answer the questions but to answer them truthfully! Management needs to make sure that their employees trust their feedback will be paid attention to and acted upon.

So you have bought a tool or software that lets you conduct employee experience (EX) surveys. You use it to conduct surveys and get inputs; you now have actual data from your staff. How do you make sense of it? How do you act on it? How do you start? If you are a user of the QuestionPro Workforce platform, then you need not worry. Trends, our latest update, is here.

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What is Trends? How will it help me manage employee experience?

Simply put, Trends is a robust widget that lets you track, measure, and compare multiple staff survey measures over a defined period. It provides you complete flexibility with the time frames and number of measures for workforce comparison. Here’s how the widget can help you observe and improve upon your employee processes.

Trend analysis

It comes in handy for long-running surveys that help you compare data over weeks, months, or years. Trend analysis is fundamental when you are running online EX surveys. It helps in identifying trends that are affecting your employees. Identifying these helps in taking necessary actions. This could be taking corrective measures to counter any negative employee experiences, or doubling down on people processes that are working effectively. You can observe these trends over different offices, teams, or business units as well.


Running employee surveys is no easy task. There are so many things to be considered. With QuestionPro Workforce, it gets very easy. We help you get high-level results by helping you identify categories and parameters. We club all important aspects that you need to consider in buckets, templatizing the most important aspects. We divide our surveys into three sections – markers, building blocks, and measures. Simply put, markers will be your core categories for measuring engagement, experience, etc. Building blocks will be subcategories drilling down further and measures will be your survey questions. With comparison, you can compare markers, building blocks, and measures within a survey or multiple surveys. This provides deeper insights into your workforce and lets you look into specifics.

Let us consider conducting workplace culture surveys. With these surveys, you can compare markers such as agility, growth, collaboration, etc, identify and act on behaviors that are more prominent in your organization.

For example, if you were conducting a workplace culture survey, hypothetically:

your marker would be inclusion
your building block will be cultivating diversity and
your questions would be
1) I get to work with different people with different backgrounds, experiences, opinions, and perspectives
2) We involve employees at different levels in planning, whether strategic or departmental.


Organizations may run several surveys across various HR functions and periods. Some of these surveys may or may not overlap with respect to markers, building blocks, time frames, and measures. With the overall widget, you can compare overall surveys, markers, building blocks, etc. This is crucial when you want to analyze the onboarding or offboarding experience for various employees over a period.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

eNPS is a single question posed to the employees, asking them if they would recommend their loved ones to their current organization. It’s a metric used to measure employee loyalty. Based on the response, you have three categories:

  • 7-8: Passives – employees that aren’t disengaged or emotionally invested
  • 9-10: Promoters – loyal employees spreading positive word of mouth
  • 0-6: Detractors – dissatisfied employees spreading negative word of mouth


QuestionPro Workforce is trusted globally by organizations to identify and plug any gaps in their people processes. The online survey software helps gather and analyze data on employee productivity, employee engagement, staff morale, employee experience, work culture, culture amp alternative etc.

Set up an account, start creating and deploying surveys. You can create an account for free; it never expires. Take a step towards revamping your employee processes, employee experience (EX) is as critical as customer experience (CX).