Customer feedback tools are powerful means that can fetch customer feedback from multiple sources and churn out meaningful insights. While there is no way to read customers’ minds, you can rely upon these customer feedback tool to improve your products and services.

The customer feedback tool is one of the most used software for companies to listen to the voice of customer. This is because apart from profitability, customer feedback is the key metric that helps measure the success of your business. Customer feedback tools gather feedback, ideas, and opinion of customers at various stages of the sales cycle and enhance the quality of your products and services from start till the end.

Why do you need a customer feedback tool?

  • Identify Unhappy Customers

Customer feedback surveys questions range from short single-select questions, multi-select multiple choice questions to open-ended text questions. Single-select questions like NPS give you a quick idea of whether this customer will be your promoter, passive or detractor while referring your business to their friends or family. With NPS score, you can identify ‘at risk’ customers whose feedback if not looked into, will quit working with you. Using customer feedback tool, you can send an immediate email notification based on the score received so that you can proactively address their concerns.

  • Measure and Track Customer Satisfaction

You can analyze the customer experience over a period of time by conducting surveys regularly and keeping a watch on the ratings they give. If you are listening to your customers and working on what they say, you will gradually improve customer satisfaction and increase the NPS score.

  • Match goals and evolve

With questions on product and service quality, delivery, customer support, user experience, etc a business can analyze customer feedback at a finer level and gain valuable insights from it. The customer feedback can be matched with the goals and track if the results match the targets and are in the right direction. This feedback can prove helpful while creating business strategies and efforts to meet customer needs.

  • Value and reward your customer

The customer feedback data can help you figure out who are your top and most loyal customers. While they are filling up the survey, you can let them know how much they have finished and approximately how long will it take to complete the rest of the survey. This will give the impression that you value their time.

  • Automation

With customer feedback tool, you can send an automation survey invitation email whenever somebody makes a purchase or a contact gets added to CRM. You can also set trigger-based messages to improve customer experience and thereby increase customer retention. Automate your customer service processes with ticket routing, escalation, and task creation. Use feedback responses to kick off automated customer marketing emails or internal notifications to your team.

How to collect feedback using the customer feedback tool

  • Design

Login to QuestionPro Surveys and create a new survey.

create customer feedback survey

To add questions, click on “Add Question”.

create customer feedback survey

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  • Distribute

Go to Distribute >> Lists >> Create new email list

Distribute survey

You can create a survey-specific email list or a global email list that will be visible in all the surveys.

create email list

You can import the contacts from a .csv file or enter contacts manually.

new email list

To send an email, click on “Compose” and select email list.

Add contact in email list

You can send an email invitation right away or schedule it for later.

compose survey email

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  • Analytics

You can create custom dashboard and a number of reports like   analysis, TURF analysis, Trend Analysis, GAP Analysis and many more to dive deeper into data and make sense the way it makes a difference for your business. You can also download data and reports in commonly used formats and statistics package such as SPSS.

Customer feedback Survey Dashboard

The must-have features in a customer feedback tool

  1. Create and share surveys

You should be able to select from a wide variety of question types as customer feedback surveys collect feedback on various aspects of the products and services. But if the survey admin wants to save time, then he should be able to use a ready-made customer survey templates too. A good customer feedback tool must also allow you to share surveys and collaborate with other teams.

  1. Customize themes

A customer feedback survey must reflect the tone and style of your brand. Hence it is important to be able to customize the look and feel of the survey by putting the logo and changing the color of background and text, font color and size, etc.

  1. Multiple distribution channels

You must try to reach out to your customers through multiple mediums and seek their opinion. A good customer feedback software must be able to distribute surveys through email, social media, QR code, website, and mobile app. Use the medium that is most suitable for your business and easiest for your respondents to answer.

  1. Dashboard and analytics

Once you are done with distributing the surveys, it’s time to analyze the data collected.  Dashboards give you a single glance of various metrics and how they impact your business. Compare feedback of a particular group of customers with others and understand their customer experience. Create a custom dashboard and filters based on various demographics and find out what different sets of customers think about your business.

  1. Mobile friendly UI

You would give a bad user experience if you send out a survey that does not render properly on mobile screens. Make sure your customer feedback tool allows you to test how your surveys look on various mobile devices. It would be a great experience for respondents if they can download a mobile app and answer surveys. If you need to ensure the integrity of the data collected, you must have field and device audit features that capture audio/visuals and device location details at regular intervals.

  1. Integration with CRM

The ability to integrate with other enterprise tools in your ecosystem makes it easy to extract various insights from the same data. For instance, if you can integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your customer feedback tool, then whenever lead turns into prospect and a prospect turns into a customer, you can send out an automated survey email to the contact.

  1. Export data

If you want to share the reports with the executive team, the customer feedback software must allow you to share the results. However, many times you might need to export the reports in the form of .xls, .doc or .pdf.

Once you collect responses from customers, the customer feedback tool transforms it into an organized, well-structured dashboard and reports that help you build better products. With it, you find what’s working for them and what’s not. If it’s not working for them, sooner or later it won’t work for you as well.