What is an employee performance review?
An employee performance review involves a formal meeting about how an employee is fairing in an organization- development and performance-wise. This review is a planned process and can be conducted quarterly, half-yearly or annually depending on the organization. 
There are multiple attributes that are discussed in these meetings and these are usually planned discussions between the employee and his/her supervisor or manager.

Multistage sampling is just a complex form of cluster sampling. Sometimes, also known as multistage cluster sampling, it is a type of sampling that for further research, divides the population into groups (or clusters). During this sampling method, big clusters of the selected population are split into sub-groups at various stages to make it simpler for primary data collection.

What is an online panel?
An online panel is a group of pre-screened persons who are both willing and interested to take part in market research studies, online surveys, online focus groups, etc. They could be present consumers, potential customers, sales leads or persons having common beliefs and interests.

What is employee sentiment?
Do you remember when employees used to decide which firms their organization could associate with to do business? No! Well quite right. It’s been over a century that employees don’t dictate the terms and conditions of their organization. The only real influence that employees have on their organization is through their union, but this doesn’t hold true for all organizations. 

Customer research is to conducted to gain knowledge about the market. Surveys must be designed accurately to collect reliable customer data and preferences from the right research audience. The collected data is analyzed and used to produce new insights.
The success or failure of the product or service can very well be determined based on the quality of information and insights from marketing research.

What is culture index?
A culture index provides a snapshot of how your employees feel about being employed in your organization. This includes their sentiments, opinions, and attitude about the different attributes of their roles and responsibilities. 
An organization hires employees at different levels. Typically managers are hired to strategize the overall working of their respective teams and to maintain the workplace climate.