What is an Employee Morale Survey?
Employee morale survey is a powerful survey that Human Resources can use to understand and measure the attitude of individuals and groups which determines their willingness to cooperate at their workplace.

Morale is basically a human behavior. It’s an attitude of the members of an organization towards the general environment which is reflected through their behavior of well-being, satisfaction and happiness quotient.

Ever asked respondents to input numeric data and wanted to arrange groups of numbers into intervals? You can activate this option with our number binning tool.
Numerical Binning is a way to group a number of more or less continuous values into a smaller number of “bins”. Creating ranges or bins will help to understand the numerical data better.

I make New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions. I really do. I’m sure we all do. And then life happens. Sometimes they stick, often they don’t. But it’s the thought that counts…right?!? No, not really. Saying and doing are two entirely different things. People who excel in this world are generally those who put their money where their mouth is.

When researching innovation in the manufacturing and energy sector, I found some curious results. I’d find out that “75% of private sector Research and Development in the US is performed by manufacturers.” But then in another article, I’d find “42% of middle market industrial companies don’t have a formal idea selection process.” This discrepancy, however incongruous, is not uncommon….