Are you wondering what you’ve missed?  What trend has passed you by while you were busy getting and keeping customers?  When I tell you, you’re going to see everything you do in a new light.  How you interact with your customers will change.  What you ask them will change; how you ask them will change. …

Over the years, we’ve offered QuestionPro free for Non-Profits and Students (on an individual basis) – Over next few months, we are planning on phasing out the Individual Student License and focus our efforts on the University Partnership.
The University Partnership License is an easy model for both universities and us to engage students and faculty members to collect data and analyze them….

[Romi Mahajan is Chief Marketing Officer of Ascentium Corporation]
This article first appeared on Microsoft TechNet.
His book In his book  The Future of Management, renowned management guru and business strategist Gary Hamel argues that long-term comparative advantage stems from the creation of an innovation culture that is itself a product of the evolution of management technologies….

If you just read the QuestionPro Blog via email or RSS, you probably didn’t notice that we’ve made some improvements to the blog lately. We went through and updated the look and feel as well as removed a lot of non-essential clutter that’ll tend to accumulate.
Most importantly though, is that we migrated the blog to a hosted wordpress environment….

We’ve now added the ability to edit custom variables as part of the Response Editor. This has been a highly requested feature for a variety of reasons, so we’re pleased to get this out the door.
The use case if pretty common: you’ve uploaded custom variables into your data set, collected responses for your survey, and now you’re reviewing the data….

Its fairly standard to include a question that collects the respondent’s contact information.  That’s why we’ve gone ahead and added a Contact information Question Type.
To use this question type, simply choose, “Contact Information” on the drop-down list of question  types that are available. Once you’d added the question to your survey, you can set validation rules,  required questions, etc….