Usually an online survey tends to include both quantitative and qualitative questions. Analysis of the quantitative is obviously quite easy, using such tools as our real time summary report, grouping/segmentation tool, pivot tables, etc.
The qualitative analysis however, is much more challenging. There are numerous routes you can take, all of which involve expensive software or a great deal of time spent coding/tagging the data by hand….

[This is a guest post from Gary Angel, President of Semphonic, a web analytics company based in San Francisco]
Online survey technology has made available a whole range of analysis and measurement that was really not possible before. From inexpensive primary research to a deeper understanding of your web site audience to a different perspective on web behavioral data, online surveys can contribute mightily to our knowledge….

Interesting webinar coming up in regards to the latest trends of online research. Hosted by Simon Chadwick along with other industry experts, they will review and discuss new and innovative solutions for quantitative research.  Topics such as Mass Semiotics, Social Media and predictive market research will be addressed.  Attendees will gain insight into advances in online research. …

I started using google back in 1997 – when I was a student at BYU – We were trying to solve a programming assignment and one of my buddies told me about this cool search engine called Google – better than HotBot, Lycos or even Yahoo. We searched on Google – found the answer to our question on the first page –…

“…when government makes data available, it makes itself
more accountable and creates more trust in its actions,” – Ellen
Miller, Sunlight Foundation
IdeaScale includes a powerful API right out of the box that lets you dream up application mash-ups that we never even thought of. We’re hoping to open up as many of these as we can to get the create juices flowing!…

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve revamped our reporting tools over the last couple of weeks. The two biggest improvements have been to the real time summary report and the customized reports.
We’ve now made it easier to share the real time summary report. You’ll see a Twitter, email, and Facebook icon at the top of each summary report….