[This is a guest post from Ivan Taylor from Thirdforce Consulting]
When the economy tightens up, small businesses start thinking about expanding to new markets to find new customers.  But that’s a tough road to travel on limited budgets.  Believe it or not, identifying and targeting a tight targeted niche will not only increase your sales, but increase your profit margins because you’ll be offering a specific solution “customized”…

“It was so simple and fast to hop in and and setup my survey to integrate with my sample provider. When time is of the essence, this makes all the difference.” -a QuestionPro user
Survey Completed!
So you got your survey perfectly dialed in on QuestionPro. Everyone has given their two cents, its signed off by your manager, you’ve decided on the reports that you’re going to build….

“What percentage of research will be conducted in-house in 2009?”

A recent industry survey done by Simon Chadwick sponsored by Cambiar, MRops and Peanut Labs shows that more companies will be doing research in-house this year. To get a copy of the full results of the survey click this link….

Over the weekend we’ve added a couple of quick enhancement to IdeaScale:
Revision History Visualization:
IdeaScale offers not only the ability to vote on ideas, comment on ideas, but also wiki style editing of ideas. The Revision History earlier on simply displayed the older versions of the data – we have now a “Diff” engine – that essentially computes the differences and presents them visually….

“…we are proud to announce an important next step in thishistoric call to action – one that will help us achieve a newfoundation for our government – a foundation built on the values oftransparency, accountability and responsibility.” –
Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama

On January 21st, the President Barak Obama issued the Memorandum onTransparency and Open Government, stating sweeping changes in the levelof participation and openness in government….

A follow up to last week’s post on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, a note from Andrew Jeavons.

I sometimes try to grow roses in my garden. As a displaced Brit (naturalized US citizen) , it’s something I inherited from my father. I say ‘try’ as this year 3 out of the 6 roses in my
garden appeared to be dead when spring came and I remembered they were there….