When researching innovation in the manufacturing and energy sector, I found some curious results. I’d find out that “75% of private sector Research and Development in the US is performed by manufacturers.” But then in another article, I’d find “42% of middle market industrial companies don’t have a formal idea selection process.” This discrepancy, however incongruous, is not uncommon….

Ever since the news broke that SAP purchased Qualtrics for $8 billion dollars in early November, we’ve been getting an influx of questions from current and former customers of Qualtrics. They’re nervous about what’s going to happen and whether the $8 billion investment means whether they will have to pay more for less. Acquisitions and buyouts are rarely a smooth and timely transition.

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Business research: Definition
Business research is a process of acquiring detailed information of all the areas of business and using such information in maximizing the sales and profit of the business.

The only kind of spiders I like are spider charts. Also known as a radar chart, spider charts offer the opportunity to display multivariate data in the form of a two-dimensional diagram of three or more quantitative variables. These are represented on an axis starting from the middle of the chart. This makes them useful for seeing which variables have similar values or if there are any outliers amongst them.