We have made a slight change to how users login to the system.  Starting November 1, 2009, you will need to use the email address on your account as your username.  Passwords will remain the same and this change will not affect any of the surveys or data currently existing in your account.  The only change you will need to make is to enter your email address in the username field when logging into the system….

Very long URLs used to not really matter to people – people would surf around on the web and barely pay attention. Now, as more people share links via Facebook and twitter – the URL matters! Specifically, when you need to share a link on Twitter, a shortened URL is imperative. With both IdeaScale and QuestionPro, we’ve been working to find ways to get those URLs shortened down as much as possible….

Can “being human” actually differentiate your business and  actually endear your customer to you?  Zane Safrit, the author of today’s guest post, gives a resounding “Yes!”  Check out his experience and see how you can tweak your customer interactions for the better.
Barb called me last week.  I was on the phone, so she left me a voice mail.  …

“Begin with the end in mind” is the number two habit of Highly Successful People for a reason: You want to focus your energy on actually doing what counts – like reaching customer survey objectives, instead of counting what you’re doing.
My favorite way to begin any survey project is to bring the team into a room and say “In the next hour, we are going to be spending about $50,000 (this is the estimated cost of everyone in the room for that hour) to discuss our customer satisfaction survey. …

Have you ever considered using direct mail as a way of gathering demographic and psychographic information?  If not, then this is your opportunity to really get some bang for your marketing budget dollar.
With the advent of on-demand printing and publishing, we’ve been able to literally convert mass-marketing to a more personal one-to-one experience.  All it takes is a list, a database and some creativity and for a relatively small budget, you will be on your way to:

As marketers, the holy grail of any survey method or model would have to be something that could help us predict how a targeted audience would react given a particular offer.  Conjoint Analysis and its ability to flush out the offering-price combination that a given demographic would choose has always been a favorite tool for developing irresistible offerings. …