When you log in to QuestionPro, IdeaScale, or MicroPoll, you’ve probably noticed the other applications in the very upper left hand corner. In the past, there was an additional fee to use these other tools.
However, today we’re happy to announce that all these other tools are included! So if you’re a QuestionPro user now, you’ll get to use IdeaScale and MicroPoll for free (and vice versa).

I just thought I’d give some quick statistics on who uses QuestionPro and how they use it. This is important because surveys are a very broad topic. Surveys are used in various forms — from Employee satisfaction surveys to Market research to customer satisfaction and of course public opinion polls. Since we service such a wide variety of customers, one of the challenges we face constantly is the balance between being too technical in once vertical (say market research) which may not apply in other areas like Employee satisfaction….

Next week we have a few webinars to help familiarize you with QuestionPro.
1) ‘Introduction to QuestionPro’ aka QuestionPro 101′
Wednesday, November 19th, 10am PST.
Register here
2) ‘QuestionPro and Salesforce – Integrating Online Surveys into your Cloud’
Thursday, November 20th, 10am PST.
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See you all next week!…