A guest post from Ivana Taylor of Third Force Consulting – a strategic marketing firm that uses QuestionPro to collect and analyze customer feedback and input for brand development, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
You may or may not believe this, and you don’t have to.  If you’ve ever had the experience of a customer leaving your company for a competing offering because of price, then you know what I’m talking about. …

We get a lot of questions related to panel quality, and how to compare the sampling methods of various panel providers. ESOMAR has put together a standard list of 26 questions, and has asked each sample provider to speak to these questions. From ESOMAR:

These questions, in combination with additional information, will help researchers consider issues which influence whether an online sampling approach is fit for purpose in relation to a particular set of objectives;

Getting a survey invite to your willing respondent has become increasingly difficult. Continuing our checklist series,  here are some tips that will help increase your response rates:

Use a from name and address that is recognizable. If the respondent doesn’t know who you are, they will most definitely mark your email as SPAM or just delete it….

Net promoter score is one of the most effective ways to not only gauge customer feedback with one simple score, but its also a great way to compare yourself to others in your industry (learn more about creating a net promoter question here). But how do you know where you stand? Sametrix provides NPS data across many industries, which you can purchase from their website….

These past few months have shown explosive growth in the adoption and use of online social networks. As a result, online research must consider the realm of social networks when considering panelists for recruitment. Peanut Labs, one of our many panel partners, utilizes cutting edge techniques to recruit respondents to their panels. Below is a note from Mark Houston regarding the increasing importance of social networks as part of an overall recruitment strategy: …

JobAngels.org is a grassroots, volunteer-driven community that asks each member to simply help one person find a job.  What began less than two months ago with a single message on Twitter now boasts more than 7,000 members (and growing).  In this short time, JobAngels has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, and over 150 online and offline forums, blogs, publications and podcasts….