Here are the latest bug fixes/features as of 3/6/2009:

IdeaScale: graduated idea includes hyperlink back to original idea
IdeaScale: username listing in comments is updated faster
IdeaScale: portals now support iPhone web browsers

QuestionPro: SPSS download stability improvements
QuestionPro: fixed problem with row validation on some matrix questions

More info:

SPSS Export:
Matrix Style Question Type:

IdeaScale iPhone Support:…

Here is a quick checklist of items that will allow you to best leverage your IdeaScale portal:
Create a Test Portal
There are a myriad of features/tools for IdeaScale. The best (and safest) way to try features that are new to you is by creating an additional portal, and testing them out first. Also, customers find this is the best way to for their design team to fiddle around with layout and design before moving to the live site….

This week I wanted to share some common insights we’ve acquired as we have more and more companies use tools like IdeaScale to crowdsource innovation. We’ll focus on the administrative aspect of bubbling ideas to the top and then going through a secondary layer of filtering and re-prioritization of ideas.
The Challenge:
Customers have a lot of ideas on what you should and should not do….

 Lots of people have been using the IdeaScale Twitter integration feature to automatically tweet ideas that collect a certain number of votes. Twitter is a great way to notify people of the latest hot ideas that are going on in your portal. To expand on this, we’ve added the ability to help other people find your portal and get involved by adding hashtag support….

Kevin – Our Co-Founder and I were recently in a meeting with a couple of folks and they asked us a thought provoking question – “what is the resonance between questionpro and ideascale?” – In other words the question went to the heart of collecting feedback online and how the different models stacked up against each other….

Here is a common scenario: your organization has both an external IdeaScale portal for the general public and an internal portal for sensitive/strategic idea discussion. Naturally, there comes a point where ideas generated on the public portal need to be brought into the internal portal to be shepherded through any internal processes.
Thus, we’re happy to announce the ability to “graduate”…