We were recently honored to be included in Inc Magazine’s top 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies. Survey Analytics placed 172’nd with a pretty healthy growth of 1389.7% over the prior three years. In addition to our overall listing, we also ranked 4th overall in Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue and 25th overall in Business Services.
Survey Analytics was officially founded in 2003….

A great deal of our customers use QuestionPro with online panel providers for their research. In the past, this was a manual process to configure the finish options for the survey in order to properly route the panelist to the correct page.
You may have noticed that there are settings to our finish options configuration so that you can easily choose your panel provider and configure it in one easy step….

Sometimes we’ve been referred to as, “Internet Cowboys” by our competitors. We’re not sure if its a compliment or not, but regardless, we couldn’t resist making t-shirts. Here’s Scott and I testing out the latest version.
Update: The Seattle Times picked up on the joke as well.

A few of our IdeaScale users expressed concern over the possibility of a user submitting a comment or idea that contained inappropriate language. Your portal is an extension of your brand, and thus this is an understandable concern!
We’ve added an option in IdeaScale, that when enabled, will communicate to the user that their comment is inappropriate….

We are pleased to announce that Survey Analytics has been approved for membership into CASRO (Council for American Survey Research Organizations.)
Founded in 1975, The Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) represents over 300 companies and research operations in the United States and abroad.
We are proud to become members, and we always look forward to their informative conferences (we’ll be at their next conference on Oct 15th)….