Next week we have a few webinars to help familiarize you with QuestionPro.
1) ‘Introduction to QuestionPro’ aka QuestionPro 101′
Wednesday, November 19th, 10am PST.
Register here
2) ‘QuestionPro and Salesforce – Integrating Online Surveys into your Cloud’
Thursday, November 20th, 10am PST.
Register here
See you all next week!…

We added in a quick nifty feature to allow you to keep connected with your ideascale users. An email relay/broadcast solution.
Each of your IdeaScale portal has a unique email address. Connectivity is simple — just send an email to your unique email address, and the system will email everyone of your users. See screenshot below:

Now the issue for you is deliver relevant and updated content to your passionate users….

Over the past few months, we’ve been involved in the launch of about 20 feedback/idea sites for brands as large as ChoiceHotels, Navteq, Boy Scouts of America to smaller startups like and Buglabs. Our range of implementations include both public facing sites as well as internal employee only sites. Some have succeeded and some have failed and I’ll share with everyone what we learned through this process….

Cloud Computing

There has been a lot of chatter around “Cloud computing” recently. Microsoft recently jumped into the bandwagon with their launch of Azure Platform and of course Amazon has been doing utility computing via Amazon S3 for almost 2 years now. Google has it’s AppEngine platform and our favorite Salesforce has – Lots of hype and buzz….

We are excited to be exhibiting at Salesforce’s Annual conference – Dreamforce next week.
On top of that, we will be releasing our integration functionality within all QuestionPro paid licenses!
Starting at $15/month includes:
> UNLIMITED surveys
> UNLIMITED survey questions
> UNLIMITED survey responses
> Mapping of up to 20 questions per survey to….