We are pleased to be attending the CASRO Technology Conference this Thursday and Friday. Personally, I’ve always been impressed with the issues/topics that come up at the CASRO events – I would recommend it to anyone in the market research industry. This particular event is very relevant for us, as it relates specifically to technology issues related to market research….

We recently upgraded the Email List Management system to support multilingual custom variables (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German etc).

The system supported the upload of multilingual custom variables via the web interface, but was not able to handle multilingual custom variables uploaded via a CSV file.

After doing some research, we found out that the CSV file import simply could not be used to upload multilingual custom variables….

Hi All,
Some of you may know that I will be competing in the Ironman Nice – France race on June 22nd. Even better, QP has graciously sponsored a portion of the event. I really can’t thank QuestionPro enough for this…being able to have the financial and scheduling freedom to train has been a huge privilege the past 6 months….

I’ve been working closely with the BugLabs “Marketing Guy” Jeremy Toeman – About IdeaScale and how they can leverage IdeaScale to gather ideas and feedback for the different systems and products they should focus on.
If you are unfamiliar with BugLab :
BUG makes it fun and easy to build any gadget you can imagine. Build familiar things like digital cameras and GPS locators
or create new devices like a LoCamMotion or a GeoPhotoShooter or an Accel-o- Mailer or ……

We’ve made a few updates/upgrades to QuestionPro based on some internal and external feedback:

Grouping/Filtering + MS Word

Location of the Save & Continue Button

Mean to be included in the banner table reports


We’ve also made a few changes to IdeaScale. I’ll be posting a detailed blog post with all the updates and bug fixes to IdeaScale soon….

Our friends at the clickadvisor blog seem to think that focus groups are dead. I know that a lot of Market Research companies and agencies use QuestionPro for quantitative research – what about qualitative?
Personally I would not use a focus group for anything we do here @ QuestionPro – why? – Well partly because I am in the software/service business –…