Had a great time last night at nPost, demoing IdeaScale. We met lots of talented and interesting people, and gathered gobs of feedback. We managed to make it into semi-finals of the “clap-off”, but we ended up losing to ResueTime!
Thanks again Nathan!
nPost puts these events and mixers together for the Seattle tech./startup crowd pretty often….

As we see companies embrace more open feedback models and get into a user and customer centric feedback model, one of the challenges that comes up consistently is the notion of the Wisdom of the Crowd Vs. The Mob.
We’ve talked a many clients, and this is one of the consistent themes that come up that needs some attention and thought as we all navigate this open-feedback and open-access model….

I am here at the Web 2.0 conference in SF and sitting in and listening to Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff talk about their book – GroundSwell. Very fascinating. They talk about defining objectives before looking at technology for your social strategy.
Their key message for community development is :
What is your objective? Define your objective and make sure you can get executive buy-in….

Today morning, we put out a press release (Do folks even read press releases anymore?) — Anyways we are now officially in Public Beta — What does that mean? — Nothing except that you don’t need to email us/contact us to get access to IdeaScale:
Couple of quick notes:

All users (including existing customers, free account holders etc.) have access to IdeaScale
If you are a current customer, you can try out IdeaScale by clicking on IdeaScale (Top Left Corner) when you login
If you are a new user —…

We’ve received great interest in the private beta of IdeaScale.

I wanted to post an update on IdeaScale and some information on how to get access. If you need more information, you can always contact me, but please read this entire post before emailing me.

Click here for a Video Explaining IdeaScale

Couple of quick housecleaning items:

IdeaScale FAQ: (We’ll be updating the FAQ as we get more questions)http://www.ideascale.com/application/ideascale/faq
New Account Signup (If you already do not have a QuestionPro/MicroPoll/ContactPro account)http://www.ideascale.com/application/ideascale/signup.html
Suggestions/Comments/Feedback:http://questionpro.ideascale.com (Post topics under the IdeaScale category) —…