Users with multiple live surveys usually login and check the reports / statistics of each of the live survey. When checking reports for multiple surveys, changing the active survey was a tedious process of clicking on the My Surveys tab, selecting the desired survey, going back to working tab and finally going to the appropriate sub section under the working tab….

Most of our clients conducting large scale Market Research surveys use panels provided by companies such as
Greenfield etc.
While external panels could easily be integrated with QuestionPro the
process was manual and a bit tedious. The process usually consisted of setting up 3 redirection URL’s (back to the panel company):

Completes – Redirect respondents to the “completes”…

One of out readers commented on Scott’s blog post about QP sponsoring him for the IronMan competition :

I think being associated with a tough event like the IronMan is a pretty nifty move on QP’s part. I’m seriously thinking of going into Triathlon so I wish you the best of luck. (Nice jersey, btw :)

Dereck Cabera (founder and CEO of ThinkWorks) asked us if we could do the same we did with Flickr — To integrate YouTube with IdeaScale.
He’s trying an interesting concept – where users post links to YouTube videos and his community rates the videos up/down – IdeaScale style.
This enhancement was fairly easy since we had designed our embedding system with multiple systems (Flickr, ScreenCast, YouTube etc.) in mind….

We’ve made some enhancements to the User Profile pages for IdeaScale.

Easy Access to Edit Profile

Idea Tracking Details  (We’ll also enable the ability to “un-track” ideas in the future)

Future Upgrades:

Upload a thumbnail photo? Maybe import the thumbnail from other services like twitter/friendfeed?
Expose an RSS “Activity” feed?…