Jefferey Feldman from the Daily Kos just put out a blog entry launching — A crowdsourced question collection tool for a Q&A session with the Speaker – Nancy Pelosi.
What was cool about this launch?

Gina Cooper – The organizer for the event (NetRoots Nation) contacted me yesterday around 1PM PST.
We talked for about 10 minutes and realized that our standard offering of the URL ( will not work –…

Wanted to share a few updates regarding IdeaScale with everyone.
Tagging Upgrade:We’ve revamped how we do tags. Tags now display the total number of times users have used a tag, as well as the ability to click on a tag and search all entries related to that tag.
Pending Items:

Tag Cloud (or something that displays the leaderboard of tags)
Integrating tags with search

Personalized Messages:
Using Cookies to “Remember”…

I am happy to be back home in Seattle with the Ironman successfully behind me. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to compete in another country. The swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean was breathtaking. The bike ride was the most grueling and beautiful experiences of my life climbing 5000+ ft through the Nice “hills”…

Lots of great presentations today at the CASRO Technology conference. One of the themes today has been SMS marketing and research. I culled out some interesting notes from all the talks that I thought you might enjoy:
-Mobile phone market is exploding (presented with too many slides to make the point)
-23% of US mobile subscribers say they have been exposed to adverts or marketing on their phone
-Only way to reach people that don’t have a landline (duh)
-Phones are deeply personal –…