Although we’ve been in Seattle for the past few years, we’ve not been really active in the startup/tech entrepreneur scene here. This is partly due to our own ignorance and partly due to the fact that we’ve not been funded by a VC  — to make the courtesy intros and shake hands and rub shoulders with the local who’s who….

We are trying out an exciting new model with Sage Publishing for QuestionPro.
I’ve had this idea for a long time about integrating QuestionPro with academic text books. I know a lot of our users are academic either through the MBA programs, or through social science research, public health etc. That is the primary reason why we give away Free Student Licenses, University Sponsorship Licenses as well as Non-Profit Licenses….

Here is a great workshop that I would highly recommend if you are new
to online surveying. I have known Fred Van Bennekom professionally over
the last couple of years.
Direct Quote from Fred:
“Success in a survey project is a challenge under any circumstances,
but a lack of solid background about surveying practices may doom the
project to provide useless or misleading information.  …

Thanks to a little nudge from a couple of our customers, we’ve made some improvements to the Action Alert system:
major areas of the system :
Here are the details:
Ability to create multiple alerts
Earlier the system had a limitation of only one alert per survey. This limitation has been removed. You can now create multiple alerts for the same survey….

Couple of quick export enhancements that have gone online over the last couple of days:
PowerPoint Export:
Open Ended CommentsAbility to specify if you want the Open-Ended Text comments as part of the download. This allows you to create a single comprehensive PPT file that has  both the analytical data  as well as the open-ended text data….

OK, we admit it — This functionality has been in “Coming Soon” mode for almost six months now. We finally managed to put some development resources into the email individual report functionality to get it done.
What we have so far:Using the Response Editor, when viewing an individual response, you can quickly email it to someone else (or yourself)
When is it typically used?Typically this could be used to send a copy of the response (with verbatim comments) to your boss or a stakeholder….