We came across an interesting problem the other day (actually it was a clients problem) — One of our clients was running a website survey across 40 different websites. The survey was essentially the same, except that it made sense to track where the respondents were coming from — i.e. which of the 40 websites on an aggregate level….

We had our first webinar yesterday (Tuesday, Feb 27th) — It was called “Analyzing Data using QuestionPro”
We wanted to share some of the highlights and lessons that we learned in putting together this webinar. This was the first time we’ve done a webinar — we’ve done a lot of One-On-One web demos with conference calls to clients, however this was the first time we ventured into the realm of webinars….

The QuestionPro Team will be hosting a webinar entitled “Analyzing Data Using QuestionPro”. The Webinar is open to anyone who may be interested, both current users as well as potential users. The webinar will cover all aspects of data analysis from simple summary reports to advanced grouping and banner tables. Anyone interested in attending can register by clicking the link below:
Analyzing Data Using QuestionPro
Tuesday, February 27, 2007 10:00 AM –…

Along the same lines as 1% for the Planet (http://www.onepercentfortheplanet.org), the QuestionPro team has collectively decided on a plan to donate 1% of our gross revenues to assorted causes. We initially were planning on joining 1% for the Planet, but we decided everyone in the company should have a say on where they would personally like to donate their portion of the company’s overall donation….

QuestionPro just added a few programs that will allow new/existing clients to create a new revenue stream by selling QuestionPro software.
The Partnership programs are broken down in two buckets.
1) Affiliate/Reseller – get paid for each referral who become a paid QuestionPro user.
2) Strategic – receive a co-branded site with all of same functionality found at QuestionPro.com….

OK – We’ve got a new challenge coming up. The QuestionPro Ad-Writing Contest. Here’s the deal:
Check out one of our ad’s below:

Now, here’s the deal:
1. You can get a $100 bucks and
2. A lifetime subscription to QuestionPro
What do you have to do?
If you can come up with two co-related taglines for the ad-campaign and we use it we’ll give you a hundred dollars and a lifetime subscription to QuestionPro….