We are beta-testing a new Visualization (Logic/Flowchart) library to see how the branching logic is setup on a survey. To view the logic for your survey :

Detailed Help:

We’ve added in a new feature into the “Draft/Collaboration” mode. The ability to add visual sticky notes to the survey. This feature is enabled when the survey is in “Draft/Collaboration” mode.
To learn more about Draft/Collaboration mode visit:

Since our inception back in 2002, we’ve strongly believed in partnering with academic institutions to bring about fresh ideas to QuestionPro. I wanted to highlight some of the universities that have taken advantage of our University Sponsorship Program:
Arkanas Tech University
University of Wisconsin (Madison)
California School of International Management
Oklahoma Baptist University
University of South Florida (St….

A new option as been added to the Side-By-Side Matrix question type: “Drop Down Menu” — this option allows for displaying a drop down menu instead of a series of radio buttons for the Side-By-Side Matrix question type.

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One of the requests we’ve had from customers to enhance the System Variable based Grouping to include multiple criteria for a particular custom variable.
This is needed in cases where the custom variable is too granular. For example if the custom variable you are tracking is a Customer Zip Code, and you need to “roll” up data for a particular set of zip codes you can do that with this enhancement….

We are currently beta-testing two new tools that has been in the radar for quite some time:
1. A MS Word Importing Tool — Automatically imports a survey in MS Word into QuestionPro.
2. A Branching Logic visualization tool.
Both these tools are in Beta mode.

To learn more about the MS Word Importing too, visit:
To find out more about the Logic Visialization (Flowchart) tool goto:
Login->Edit Survey->Branching/Logic (Bottom Left Navigation)…