OK – We’ve got a new challenge coming up. The QuestionPro Ad-Writing Contest. Here’s the deal:
Check out one of our ad’s below:

Now, here’s the deal:
1. You can get a $100 bucks and
2. A lifetime subscription to QuestionPro
What do you have to do?
If you can come up with two co-related taglines for the ad-campaign and we use it we’ll give you a hundred dollars and a lifetime subscription to QuestionPro….

A new question type has been added to the QuestionPro survey system to specifically run comparisons between expectation and delivery. In most cases this realizes itself by asking customers/potential respondents to rate different attributes (Customer Service, On-Time delivery etc.) on an Importance as well as Satisfaction scale.
We are calling this the Side-By-Side Matrix Question (alternative name is Multi-Dimensional Matrix) —…

We recently came across two customer requirements that we didn’t have an out of the box solution for.
1. Larger checkboxes/radiobuttons for touch screen surveys
2. Ability to check a checkbox/radiobutton by clicking on the answer text
While we were researching for good solutions for both the issues, we came across a suggestion from one of our customers, Richard Tea….

Transactional (or event driven) surveys are the hottest item right now within the online research/surveying business. Fred Van Bennekom from GreatBrook consulting has put together a list of seven or eight practical items to think about while building out your transactional surveying process.
The main points are:
1. Keep It Short
2. Use Random Sampling
3. Implement a Service Recovery (Complaint Handling) System Concurrent with the Event Survey Program

Living and doing business in Seattle (not to mention 80% of my social circle consists of Microsoft Employees) has some amount of impact on us. The latest “cool thing” we are thinking about doing is what Microsoft calls “gadgets” — Frankly this is active desktop re branded.
The idea is simple: When (if ever) Vista releases, it will have intrinsic support for Gadgets –…

Reverse Extraction works in the same way as Extraction, except that the options not selected by the respondent are extracted (instead of extracting the options that are selected).
Please see the What is Extraction.
Please see Setup Reverse Extraction for information on how to setup Reverse Extraction.

Viraj Patil
QuestionPro Support…