A new option as been added to the Side-By-Side Matrix question type: “Drop Down Menu” — this option allows for displaying a drop down menu instead of a series of radio buttons for the Side-By-Side Matrix question type.

Detailed Help:

One of the requests we’ve had from customers to enhance the System Variable based Grouping to include multiple criteria for a particular custom variable.
This is needed in cases where the custom variable is too granular. For example if the custom variable you are tracking is a Customer Zip Code, and you need to “roll” up data for a particular set of zip codes you can do that with this enhancement….

We are currently beta-testing two new tools that has been in the radar for quite some time:
1. A MS Word Importing Tool — Automatically imports a survey in MS Word into QuestionPro.
2. A Branching Logic visualization tool.
Both these tools are in Beta mode.

To learn more about the MS Word Importing too, visit:
To find out more about the Logic Visialization (Flowchart) tool goto:
Login->Edit Survey->Branching/Logic (Bottom Left Navigation)…

Yes, it seems like just yesterday we launched this fledgling operation off the ground, but it has actually been 5 years in the making now. We’re excited about the progress that’s been made, but we are even more excited about the future of QuestionPro and the online research space in general. Conducting surveys and gleaning answers from the the internet in practically real-time is truly revolutionary…sometimes more than we even appreciate….

It’s been a while since we posted some details about our up and coming features — So here it goes. We’re planning on providing a single-click solution for providing Amazon.com gift coupons to your survey participants.
Needless to say, survey incentives are the easiest and smartest way to increase your response rates to your surveys. If you look at it from a puristic cost/benefit model (and the No-Free-Lunch model) you need to compensate your participants in some way for their time….

We just launched a hot new tool for data-validation — The “Reference Data” question type.
The Reference Data Question Type is used to collect/validate data against “standardized” databases — for example US Zip Codes.
For example, if you wanted to ask users their Zip Code and wanted to validate (to make sure that the data entered is correct) against the standard US Postal Service Zip Code database you can use the Reference Data question type for this….