The Report Scheduler is a recurring and automated interface to email you reports on a periodic basis. Typically this is used in a long running survey (transactional surveys) where you have a continuous data collection stream On one hand you have data being collected on an on-going basis, and on the other hand you can create a weekly schedule so that the data collected can automatically be emailed to your account….

Seamless On Demand Feedback is commonly used for collecting feedback about different pages of a website. Each page has content/information that should be easily comprehendible to the user. As an administrator, you would like to collect data (or rather meta-data) from users about the usefulness/relevance of the content and their opinion about how the content can be improved….

We got thinking the other day about ways to increase the reliability and dependability on online research. The question today in not IF companies need to conduct online research, but how can they conduct online research effectively.
With VerticalPanel™ we’ve made panel management and incentive management easier. However we are still thinking about not only ways to conduct research easier, but also make it more reliable….

A Quick Update has been released for the QuestionPro AppExchange Edition so that we can map QuestionPro Custom Variables (custom1, 2 etc.) to fields within Salesforce Objects.
The Custom Variable mapping works the same was as mapping for the different questions. Simply choose the custom variable and choose the fields for each survey.

Detailed Help…

We had some initial discussions with Thomas Novak from Vanderbilt’s eLab and Gregg Van Rhyzin from eTownPanel who introduced the idea behind the weighted point system as compensation for panel members.
We are currently in the process of rolling out the qPoint system to be part of VerticalPanel™ – Panel Management Software.
The qPoint (Weighted Point System) allows you to combine the notion of instant gratification along with the weekly/monthly pick-a-winner drawing system….