Top employee engagement ideas and activities

High employee engagement levels boost organizational productivity, help develop the right workplace culture, and improve employee experience (EX). Engaged employees are better team players, highly proactive, align themselves with the organization’s goals, and help reduce attrition.

Organizations understand the importance of employee engagement, clearly see it’s benefits, but fail to act on it. This inaction is responsible for low engagement levels at many organizations. We will look at some employee engagement ideas and activities that you may try at your organization.

Before we look at some employee engagement ideas, let’s understand how we can make your employee engagement initiative a success.

  • Let the employees know the importance of employee engagement
    Engaged or not, employees clearly need to understand what it is and what it could mean for them at work. If you plan to proactively start and measure employee engagement initiatives, your employees should know all about it. You need to be clear in conveying what it means for them and how they stand to benefit. You should equally involve employees and their managers in the process. Not only is it important to involve your employees, but also keep them informed of all developments. One needs to remember that engagement cannot, and will not be driven by only one department. All departments need to be a part of employee engagement ideas and activities.
  • Role and expectations
    The employers, as well as the employees, need to be clear of what’s expected of them, and their role in successfully executing employee engagement initiatives. This is a time-intensive process and requires equal participation from all stakeholders to make it a success, there is no magic formula.
  • Set up a team
    You can start-off by involving all function managers or heads along with your core HR team, this cannot be entirely driven by HR. You may diversify the team as you see fit, rather we encourage more involvement. Bigger participation brings about more and better ideas.
  • Define objectives
    You need to set clear objectives for your employee engagement initiative and you must meet at fixed intervals for status updates. Core objectives can be decided on roles, functions, levels of experience. Clear objectives will render effective results and bring direction to your employee engagement ideas and activities.
  • Data
    There are many tools available in the market to help you conduct surveys, gather data and run various types of analyses. Collecting and analyzing data should be the first step in your action plan. It not only helps you understand the status quo, but also helps in making informed decisions, and devising strategic next steps. Data gives direction to your plan and also helps you make comparisons, which comes in handy to gauge the effectiveness of new activities. Sharing of data with the management team and Heads of Department (HODs) will bring about awareness and suggestions to revamp processes. It also helps in identifying trends about employee dissatisfaction, exits, etc.

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Employee Engagement Ideas

Now that we have established the importance of employee engagement and why buy-in from all departments is essential to make it a success, let’s look at some ideas.

  • Striking the right work-life balance
    This is tough since this will be something unique to every employee, and you have to realize that every employee is unique and so are their needs. Managers and HR reps can work with employees for this, and creating a flexible work schedule is a good way to start.
  • Check your workplace’s, weekly pulse
    Weekly Pulse is one of the most heavily used Workforce features. It’s a quick, direct and easy question asked employees to get a simple understanding of their mood and morale. In other words, it’s an employee sentiment analysis.
    Workforce provides you with clear and crisp dashboards that combine deep analytics with powerful insights oriented towards enabling you to take action in the form of employee engagement ideas and activities. Why don’t you sign up and try the portal for yourself?
  • Training needs
    Providing regular training to all your employees is essential, it fosters their growth. You may plan these for some employees or do for teams. Regular training sessions indeed help curb attrition, employees stay back if their training needs are attended to. Managers can help design these training sessions, asking your employees directly is also a great way to ensure they get what they want and need.
  • Career-pathing
    No matter the nature of the work or seniority of the employees, everyone should be absolutely clear about their growth path. They need to know and understand their future roles and responsibilities and how they can get there. If some employees wish to pursue different roles or functions within the same organization, there should be a way of doing that.
  • Communication is key
    Employees need to feel safe about communicating their thoughts, be it new ideas or grievances. Feedback if heard and acted upon instills confidence about the management in the employees, a key reason for them to stay longer with the association.
  • Conduct cross-team benchmarking surveys
    While every employee is unique, they do work in teams. And sometimes being part of a team can influence the way employees think and feel. Therefore, while analyzing individual employees is important, it is equally insightful to analyze them in teams.


Employee Engagement Activities

Some employee engagement activities are quite easy to conduct and fun to be a part of. You may start with some from the below. We are always on the lookout for new ones, here’s our latest.

  • Present ideas at Townhall
    Conduct a Townhall one day every week, where everyone in the organization participates. Anybody can present their thoughts/ideas here, it can be an interesting presentation, a productivity hack, or absolutely anything that you like. This gives them a podium to present and also becomes a channel where they learn something new every week.
  • Start a mentor program
    This is important for all employees across various roles and functions. Everyone needs and seeks out a mentor, this will not only help you pair your employees with mentors but also identify them.
  • Celebrate victories
    No matter how big or small, organizations need to recognize and celebrate employee victories. This assures them their efforts are being noticed and will not be just a footnote in a long annual appraisal. This is a very important employee engagement activity that you need to conduct regularly.
  • Fun Friyays!
    Yup, you read it right, this is a fun employee engagement activity. Your workforce is dynamic and that should factor in when developing any employee engagement activities, assignments, or processes. You can start conducting weekly activities in the second half of Fridays, this can be a quiz, a movie showcase, or just fun team games. Your employees will certainly have a great weekend and come all happy and excited on Monday.

We hope that you like these and implement these in your organization. Do you think we’ve missed any? What’s working for you, how do you keep your employees engaged? We would love to hear from you.