Workforce Management Reshaping in a Pandemic World

It may sound like a daunting task to put together an efficient system that ties all the strings together but doing so will improve people management and can benefit the business greatly. This article will explore how to fit QuestionPro workforce software for a better understanding of employee culture during a COVID pandemic and how it has reshaped workforce management.

What is Workforce Management?

In a nutshell, workforce management is a process meant to maximize the engagement of your employees, in turn increasing performance levels of the workforce through different steps. 

  • Gathering the data to forecast the workload

  • Staffing requirements and schedules are generated based on the data 

  • Assessing the performance based on the results

Let’s break down the term “Workforce Management”. Workforce refers to the people who are employed in your company and management – Management refers to the job of optimizing their productivity.

How to have a successful workforce management strategy

There are still three main components of a workplace: improving employee experience, better communication, and increased employee engagement and productivity.

In order to have a successful workforce strategy in place, many employers consider the following:

  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Recruiting or applicant tracking system
  • Compliance 
  • Time management
  • Data reporting, analytics, and other key metrics 

So, how do you build a workforce management process and integrate it into a software solution in a pandemic world? There are many elements to consider. You must consider the right stakeholders, establish what is working well, identify the right systems, and form the right strategies and policies. You might have to do this over Zoom, depending on your nature of work.

Selecting QuestionPro’s workforce is one of the best things that can be done. 

Workforce Management and the pandemic

We should not isolate the fact that the covid impact has changed the way we look at workforce management. It has created a new work routine and added work-from options to everyone’s work life. Virtual meetings and engagement have changed the way leadership and workforce management are defined previously.

People are prone to anxiety, fading work-life balance, and many more challenges with this COVID invasion. This article will give you a quick peek at how to create an efficient Workforce management system that will put together your workforce even in these challenging times.

Working from home or adjusting to wearing masks each day, along with daily covid testing has reshaped the working landscape everywhere. Of course, some businesses may not have chosen to follow this protocol.

Every organization has specific needs for trusted workforce management software.

QuestionPro’s Management Software

In QuestionPro, we have our own and use it with our employees and as many of us work from home we understand the effects COVID has had on the world.

The main purpose of our Workforce software is to create, send and analyze employee surveys – this can be used in many ways, such as feedback after an event, thoughts on working from home, etc.  

As employee engagement is crucial, the Workforce platform can map and track the employee lifecycle from onboarding to exit. It will give your business an idea of why people depart or stay within the organization. In this instance, you can find out for example if people have gotten used to the idea of working from home, taking PCR tests, and having to adjust.

Let’s face it, it was not easy for many. Further, QuestionPro offers a Workplace Genome where it will align with your workplace culture and collect data that will authorize you to generate solutions to improve levels of engagement at work.

The Workplace Genome feature could be used to understand how COVID has impacted workplace culture and how individuals within the organization are settling in with that idea. 

Another feature that can help understand key metrics but also create a time management system is 360-degree reviews from your workforce. As an admin, you will be able to track the assessment status of each individual and it can be auto-saved thus allowing for less fatigue and giving the respondent the option to take it over multiple sessions. Are employees really “working from home”?

Overall, QuestionPro can offer a lot of key features to better understand Workforce Management and create a suitable environment for all the employees working there in a pandemic world. It is really up to the business to decide how they want to use the features within the Workforce platform.

Besides the features mentioned above, there are many others – some of these include Employee Net Promoter Score, Leadership Assessment, Culture Measurement Model, and many more. 


In conclusion, this all ties together to build an environment where the QuestionPro workforce management software can consider forecasting and budgeting, compliance at work, time management, data reporting and analytics, and onboarding vs exit.

At QuestionPro we understand the effects that COVID has had on workforces. Especially for the managers, the CEO and, most importantly, the employees who have to adjust from taking their workplace stuff home, carrying cables, computers etc.

However, even though COVID was tough on a lot of us, the QuestionPro survey software tool can be used to understand and interpret the organizational viewpoints of the pandemic and relate them to the workforce. You never know, perhaps working from home has better reshaped the feature for Workplace Management and QuestionPro’s software will help you understand that. 


Authors: Boyan Antonov and Rajeev Kandikuppa