Employee Engagement: Weekly Pulses vs Employee Surveys

Weekly Pulses vs Employee Surveys

Employee Engagement Trends: Weekly Pulses vs Employee SurveysEmployee engagement has expanded: it isn’t just perks and annual surveys anymore. The new trend is for weekly pulses, short regular polls that capture employee mood and morale. “Time to kill the employee surveys,” pulse evangelists say. “It’s not as if those actually work.”

Yes, employees are suffering from a certain survey fatigue. But while survey length may be partially to blame, most of it is from disillusionment. How many of us have seriously sat down to take some long, infinitely comprehensive employee surveys, only to see the data somehow disappear into space? Management may rumble for a bit, but when things always seem to stay the same, it’s very hard to take the next employee surveys seriously.

Which is what makes weekly pulse so attractive. For companies suffering from survey fatigue, this is a great way to easily and systematically build up trust again. Weekly or daily polls—sometimes a single question at a time—provide data on how their teams actually feel and catch problems before they fester. However, make sure to rotate the questions around. Without some kind of variation, it can seem a little bit homework for some people, and you want to avoid that. Collect the data and report it back. Employees will feel like they’re getting actual feedback through the weekly reports; not only that, new weekly pulse tools tend to be mobile friendly. Lower barrier to inertia = more results.

But single-data points can only go so far.  If you want deeper data and deeper insights–like key driver analysis–then you still need employee surveys to be comprehensive. There are still convincing use cases for the annual survey, like profiling your work culture or getting an initial benchmark opinion on key areas such as a workforce’s perception of leadership and company vision. (Not sure what’s a good length for a survey? Improve Employee Engagement with this Survey )Learn more about Pulse Survey Best Practices .

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