10 essential exit interview survey questions

qMost employees from an organization will eventually leave to pursue other opportunities. These employee exits could be voluntary – leaving of their own volition, or involuntary – let go by the organization. When employees leave on their own, the reasons could be many, unhappy with their job, dissatisfied with their job role, not getting along with their manager, etc. No matter the reason, it is important that HR managers, relevant HODs, and supervisors are aware of the reasons for employee exits. This is where exit interview surveys come in handy. Conducting employee exit surveys will bring forth the reasons or issues for staff exits, giving you the opportunity to work on them and reduce employee turnover.

10 Essential Exit Interview Survey Questions

Conducting an exit survey is good, and most organizations conduct one. What is more important, however, is asking the right questions. Without the right questions, your survey may not give you the answers you seek. The responses will be dependant on the questions you ask. So, what are the right or most essential exit interview questions?

Here are 10 Essential Exit Interview Survey Questions divided by job aspects. You may pick the ones that best suit your organization.


A manager or supervisor plays an important role in a subordinate’s performance, delivery, and growth. A manager is a mentor and a leader, among many other things to an employee. Managers (or not great ones) are also, however, still the main reason for most employee exits. It could be their style, or not listening to their team members, lack of empathy, or some other reason. It is crucial to know if an employee is exiting because of a manager, for it may trigger other exits as well. Asking the right questions is crucial to know if a manager was indeed one of the reasons for an employee’s exit and which areas specifically need looking into.

Questions regarding Manager

  • How would you rate your manager on the below aspects? Choose from Poor, Below average, Average, Good, Excellent
  • 1) Set clear expectations
  • 2) Communicated clearly job expectations

3) My supervisor held regular team and one-on-one meetings

4) My manager was a good mentor

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Benefits are not just health insurance plans for employees. It’s so much more than that. It is benefits such as telecommuting, flexible hours, etc. This might be more valuable to some employees more than others, employees who travel long distances to get to work or are parents.

Organizations that offer remote work facilities report 25% lesser employee attrition than organizations that don’t.

Questions regarding Benefits

  • State your level of agreement with the following statements

1) The organization provided with ample employee benefits

2) I was offered various perks, such as work from home, travel reimbursement, etc.


Employees should feel comfortable to voice their concerns, ideas, or opinions. Not only that, but a suitable channel of communication must also be provided to them to convey their concerns or feedback. Having a one-on-one conversation with every employee is not always feasible, but you can find ways such as online employee surveys to connect with them. Communication in an organization cannot be one-way; a dialog has to exist for smooth communication and operation.

Questions regarding Communication

  • State your level of agreement with the following statements

1) I got to voice my opinion in the organization

2) My manager frequently communicated with me and it was clear and transparent

3) The management team frequently communicated with me and it was clear and transparent

Personal development

An employee should have ample opportunities and tools to grow in the organization. Access to training and development programs is something that is necessary to constantly improve and upskill themselves. This should not be a reason for employees to leave the organization. Use exit interview surveys to find out if your personal development initiatives need looking into.

Questions regarding Personal development

  • State your level of agreement with the following statements
  1. I received the necessary training and development to do my job
  2. I was frequently provided with new learning opportunities

Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is necessary for an employee to perform well at their job. It can take a hit from a variety of factors such as lack of freedom at work, lack of benefits, roles, and responsibilities, not meeting their expectations, etc. A dissatisfied employee costs more money to organizations and is not good for a team’s and organization’s morale. Find out what factors are causing dissatisfaction in your employees to fix them and contain staff exits.

Questions regarding Job satisfaction

  • State your level of agreement with the following statements
  1. I got to implement my skills and leverage my past experience at the job
  2. I was provided fair advancement opportunities in the organization
  3. I was recognized or rewarded for my work


All employees should get market commensurate and fair compensation. Many employees look to pursue opportunities that pay higher even though they are happy with their job, organization, and colleagues. Make sure you are not employees to that, ask them openly if that is the reason behind their exit.

Questions regarding Compensation

  • State your level of agreement with the following statements
  1. Your compensation was fair and appropriate per your role and responsibilities
  2. I was satisfied with my annual performance appraisals


Management is responsible for various things in an organization, the direction in which the company is going, people processes, CSR activities, etc. A transparent and trustworthy management team is the cornerstone of any successful organization. Do your employees feel that or they do not trust management? Learn more about this through your online exit interview survey questions.

Questions regarding Management

  • State your level of agreement with the following statements
  1. The management trusts us with all the latest developments, internal and external
  2. The management team was easy to approach

Work environment

Having a peaceful working environment is necessary for all employees to perform at their best. An organization that promotes peace and harmony, team activities, cross-collaborations is liked by all employees. Staff at such organizations have a higher intent to stay in the organization. What do your employees feel?

Questions regarding the Work environment

  • State your level of agreement with the following statements
  1. I am provided with all the tools necessary to do my job effectively
  2. I was provided with a peaceful and encouraging work environment

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Having a desk is not just enough for an employee to do well. They need the right set of tools and infrastructure that will support and aid their work. Workstations that are well lit, chairs that ergonomic are just some small things that you need to consider, among other things. Although important, such issues are often overlooked by organizations. Look into these and address them before they become a concern.

Questions regarding Infrastructure

  • State your level of agreement with the following statements
  1. The working conditions, facilities, and equipment are properly maintained and adequate
  2. I was provided with an environment conducive to high productivity


While we have covered all aspects that may factor in an employee’s decision to exit an organization, there could be some that may not occur to you. Having open-ended questions for that is the best way to go. Get them to open up, find out what those reasons could be and how addressing them could help future staff exits.

  • What are your future plans?
  • Would you consider rejoining the organization?
  • Any additional feedback to improve our people processes?

Now that we know which questions need to be asked, we can go ahead and conduct exit surveys. Make sure all your departing employees take these so you get an idea which areas can be fixed to avoid further employee exits.