Response Count for widgets

This feature enables you to view the response count of every widget.

How does this option work?

By default, for all the widgets, the response count is displayed next to the widget title. This option lies under edit widget as a setting. To disable viewing the response count, follow these simple steps.

  • Click on Edit dashboard
    Survey Software Help Image
  • Click on Edit icon, then Edit dahsboard panel appears on the right side. Switch off the Response count toggle.
    Survey Software Help Image
  • Click on Save. Once you are done with changing all the widgets, click on Dashboard Save.
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What does different response count for each widget mean?

The response count for each widget is different because it represent the total responses for a particular question for which the widget is created. It's not the total response count of a survey but question specific count. It is ideally the base of all the calculated values shown up on that widget

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