End of the year roundup: Our most popular blogs (and more) of 2020

With 2020 being such an eventful year around the globe, QuestionPro was busy supporting our customers, advancing research, and helping our users make the most of our applications.

From launching new features, offering the highest number of free features in the research industry to moving the headquarters to Austin (and then moving to WFH!), it was quite a year for us like any other business. 

Here we bring to you an end of the year roundup of our blogs, webinars, case studies, and releases, just in case you missed it! 

Below are some of the resources that would help you get a quick recap of all the major developments at QuestionPro.


New features

We keep enhancing our products to meet the agile needs of our customers and the evolving nature of the market research industry. Below are some of the prominent features we added in 2020.

  • Distribute surveys in multiple languages – You can create multilingual email templates and distribute them based on selected contacts.
  • Share survey folders – Save on time and collaborate with the team by sharing the survey folders easily.
  • Logic-based block flow – Looping helps you to dynamically show a block of questions multiple times to the same respondent.
  • Gabor-Granger pricing – Use the Gabor-Granger pricing model in your pricing research to determine the price elasticity of products and services.
  • Text highlighter – Use a highlighted text in your surveys to collect accurate information and feedback from respondents.
  • Multi-lingual hotspot – We now provide multiple language support to Hotspot analysis question type.
  • Weighting & balancing – You can now get rid of the sample bias and get a more accurate analysis using weighting and balancing.
  • Instant Answers – High-frequency Slack integrated market research with quick turnaround times.
  • Communities – My profile updates – Revamped UI to consolidate account, profile, badges, points, and redemption into a clean and easily usable format.
  • Communities – Compound filters – As a community administrator, use compound filters to filter out responses and members to assist you in making more informed decisions
  • Communities – Topics revamp – The Topics revamp helps better manage insights with category filters, like and dislike comments, hide comments, and document attachment to topics.
  • Communities – PayPal integration – Now directly pay community rewards and incentives into PayPal accounts
  • EDU Answers – Audience – Nationally representative sample with $1 pricing for educators and academicians.

XDay 2020 

  •  North America
  •  LATAM
  •  MENA
  •  APAC
  •  Germany

We hosted our XDay, an annual user conference, online for the first time and received a tremendous response from our speakers, customers, and attendees. It was a one-day event planned for each region on a different day.

Watch all recordings here.


We conducted 20+ webinars last year on surveys, advanced research, customer experience, and more. Below are the ones our attendees found quite interesting and engaging. 

View all webinars here.

Case Studies

We’re delighted to transform customer success journeys into stories that can inspire and educate others on how they can use QuestionPro platform to collect data, measure experience, and gain actionable insights.

  • American Cancer Society – Learn how QuestionPro is helping ACS ‘save lives – one survey at a time’.
  • BMW – How BMW uses our intelligent algorithms to identify and weed out bad responses automatically and collects decision-relevant data.
  • Massachusetts Convention Center Authority – How MCCA uses contactless health screens for employees and visitors before they enter the office premises.
  • Dubai Airports – How QuestionPro helped Dubai Airports improve all CX metrics and test innovations at ease.
  • Emergency Nurses Association – How an annual culture survey helped ENA identify workplace behaviors that drive success as well as inhibit it.
  • The University of Tennessee, Knoxville – How UTK found a cost-effective replacement of Qualtrics and migrated their data, users, and surveys to QuestionPro.

Hope you find them interesting as much as we enjoyed them creating! We’ll be back in 2021 with new features, events, and content that will help you conduct surveys and collect insights better.

Till then, happy researching!