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What is an Access Code?

Access codes are unique codes for each Feedback System provided by account owner. With the help this code the feedback system can be accessed by supervisors through their email, password and entering the code in mobile application.

How to add access codes?

Go to Login >> Customer Experience >> Go to 'Settings'

  • Click 'Mobile' Tab
  • Enter unique access code
  • Click on 'Save'
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The access code works with the Supervisor email address and Password.

How to get Supervisor Password?

To retrieve Supervisor password it is important that you are added as a Supervisor to the business unit.

  • Login to questionpro portal and navigate to ‘Customer Experience’
  • Click on Business Data, by default the Business Unit list page will open
  • Click Manage Supervisor
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  • For the Main Business Unit, the primary account user will be automatically added as a supervisor
  • To add more supervisors, you can add more through the Manager Supervisor screen
  • For the Supervisors which are already in the list, click on More drop down and click Email Password
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  • Check the email for the password
  • Use the email address, password received via mail and Access code to login to Mobile App

How to enter access code in mobile application?

  • Open the app and Provide the Supervisor Email Address and Password (obtained in email)
  • Enter unique Access Code under the section- Company Code
  • Click on Sign in
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