Import External Data into New Survey

With the Import External Data feature, you can create new survey. In addition, to adding the survey you will be able to import its data.

To achieve the same, you need to download the Sample Excel File.

How to download the sample excel file

  • Login >> Customer Experience >> Create Survey
  • Select Email and create an email survey
  • Once the survey is created, it will automatically open and you will see the NPS and comment question added to it
  • Click on Manage Data >> Import
  • Under the ‘Import external data into New Survey’, click on Sample Excel Document
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What should be the data format and how to fill excel sheet?

The first eight columns in the excel sheet are system variables. Actual survey questions start from 9th column (I) onwards.

  • Column A: External Reference (optional) – This is an optional column. However, if you have track from what source your respondents responded to the survey, you can put the source name in this column. Example – If the survey was taken via email or SMS, you have enter the value EMAIL_RESPONSES.
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  • Column B: Weight Column (optional) – Leave this column blank. The weight is defined if you want to a scoring logic to a question.
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  • Column C: Email Address (optional) – Fill in the respondents email address, from your historical data.
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  • Column D – Column H: Custom Variable 1 to 5 (Optional) – You can pass any additional details about the respondents in these fields. It can be First name, last name, age, region and so on.
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  • Column I to Column AT – Actual survey question starts from ninth column. It consists of Unichoice question type. DO NOT CHANGE ‘${UNICHOICE}’, as it is the question identified tag. However, you can edit question text and write your own question.
    • In the next row, you can pass the options for the question. In the sample excel, we have ${UNICHOICE} Gender and in next row, the option are M, F. Based on the answer options, the excel sheet is filled with responses. In the gender question, we have two options M or F, so the responses under it are either 1 or 2, where 1 represents M and 2 represents F.
    • Example – You want to set Unichoice question ‘How often you conduct surveys?’ with four options. So, the first row will have ${UNICHOICE} How often you conduct surveys? The second row will have the answer options – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually. The third row will have responses ranging from 1, 2, 3 or 4, where 1 is weekly, 2 is monthly, 3 is quarterly and 4 represents annually.
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  • Column AU – The last column in the excel is ‘Segment Code’. In this column, you can pass the segment code values to map the responses with a particular segment. If you leave this column blank all the responses will get mapped to Main Segment.
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You can delete the question columns that you do not want to include in the survey.

What are the supported question types

Below is the list of supported question types to ‘Import External Data into new Survey’

  • Multiple choice – Select one, Select many
  • Text – Single Row Text, Multiple Row Text, Email Address, Contact Information, Numeric Input
  • Graphical Rating – Start Rating, Text slider, Numeric Slider, Smiley Rating
  • Matrix Table – Multi point scales, Multi Select, Side-by-Side Matrix
  • Ordering – Drag and Drop
  • Customer Satisfaction – Net Promoter Score
  • Misc – Date/Time, Calendar
  • Data/Reference – Lookup Table
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You can add multiple questions based on the format in excel sheet. Make sure you DO NOT CHANGE the ${Question_Type} identifier.

How do I import the excel into the system

Login >> Customer Experience >> Click on a survey

Click on Manage Data >> Import

Under the Import external data into New Survey, give the Survey Name

Click on Choose File, browse the file and click on Upload Data

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Can I edit the survey once I have imported data?

Yes. You can edit the survey; change the text for questions and answers. However, we recommend that you do not make any structural changes. If you make structural changes, the data may get affected.

I have imported data. I need to upload more responses/data to the same survey.

Yes, it can done. Although, to achieve the same you have to use the option – ‘Import external data into current survey – (Survey_Name)’. To know how it work, please refer to Import Raw Data in existing survey.

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