CX Google Sheet Integration

With the Google Sheet integration, there is no requirement of logging into the system to download Raw Data file. To ease the process of reporting, integration with Google sheets is provided. You have to give access to QuestionPro of your Google account. Once you have selected the survey whose data you want to download, CX will automatically send the responses in the Google Sheet for the selected survey.

To set up the import, go to –

Login >> Customer Experience >> Business Data >> Integration >> Google Sheet Integration

Click on Google Sheet box

Put your Google credentials and give access to google to connect with CX. Once it is done, you can select the surveys for which you want the response to be saved in Google Sheet in your Google Drive.

The steps to link your Google accounts are as follows-


  1. Login to
  2. Go to Customer Experience and click on Business Data.
  3. Go to Integrations and select Google Sheet Integration.
  4. Click on the Google Sheet icon and Allow QuestionPro to access the information by clicking on Allow button.
  5. Now, select the survey whose completed responses you want to export to your Google Drive (If no survey is created in CX the page will be blank).
  6. From additional settings, select Display Answer Values and Display Question Codes.
  7. Click Submit.
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  1. Go to transaction and import a transaction.
  2. Deploy the survey to the imported transaction.
  3. Take the survey.
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  1. Go to the Google account that was linked with CX.
  2. Open Google Drive, you will see a folder "QuestionPro Surveys".
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  3. Click the folder and open the excel sheet saved in the folder with the responses for the survey.
    Survey Software Help Image
    Survey Software Help Image

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