Question mapping for analytics

On CX Dashboard, you can now add filters for the questions which are there in your Survey. For example: With the NPS question filter, you can see all the widgets for promoter, neutral or negative responses.
For the filters to appear on the dashboard, you have to select the questions which you need as Filters. This section of our product help you to select the questions with which you will be able to filter the data on the dashboard.

How to select the questions for adding the filter?

To add the questions, go to:

  • Login » Customer Experience » Admin » Mapping » Question Mapping
  • Click on the Update button on the right side.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Select the Survey.
  • Select the questions you need the filters for.
  • Mention the report label/short text for questions that you selected.(Character limit is 100)
  • Click on Save button
Survey Software Help Image

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