Performance Metrics

QuestionPro continues to deliver the fastest, most secure and the most reliable online data-collection service available. Below are some of our performance indicators:
Daily Statistics [QuestionPro : Online Surveys]
Average Surveys(Responses) Collected per Day 206,000
Average Data Items (Questions) per Survey 20
Transactions per second 30-100
Daily Statistics [IdeaScale : Community Feedback]
Ideas / Comments per Day 350-800
Votes per day 1500-5000
Daily Statistics [MicroPoll : Web Polls]
Average Polls per Day 6000
Average Polls Displayed (Impressions) per Day 350,000
Overall Metrics (June 2011)
Total Users 1,345,211
Total Surveys 9,760,000
Total Emails 4,130,000
Total Polls 42,500,0000
Server Clusters 12
Uptime / Availability 99.995%
Max Concurrent Connections 256,000
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