Analyzing Open Ended Text Data

What kind of options does QuestionPro provide to analyze "Open-Ended" (Comments etc.) data?

The Open-Ended Text reports are integrated with the "Grouping/Segmentation" tool. This means that you can cross-segment open-ended text data with other multiple-choice questions. For example, you can "filter" for all the comments entered by any arbitrary criteria that you choose.

How do I view the Open-Ended text for a particular group or a segment?

A link to the open-ended text report is provided in the "Grouping/Segmentation" tool.

Survey Software Help Image

How do I create groups and segments of my data?

Please see Grouping and Filtering

Does the tool allow for "categorizing" the open-ended text data by me?

No - Not currently

Can I search through the open-ended text for keywords?

Yes - Please check Ad-Hoc Query Tool.

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