Anti SPAM Policy

The QuestionPro Anti SPAM Policy is contained in the Terms of Use for the site. Every user who accesses the site is bound by the Terms of Use. The following information is contained in the Terms of Use regarding SPAM. Any violation of the Terms of Use constitutes grounds for immediate termination.
The following item is contained in the Terms of Use.
II. Anti SPAM Policy
  1. QuestionPro expressly forbids SPAM (the term "SPAM" meaning the sending of unsolicited e-mail to parties unknown to the sender). QuestionPro has a zero tolerance SPAM policy. Any customer found to be using QuestionPro for SPAM will have their account subject to immediate termination.
  2. QuestionPro may only be used in connection with e-mail lists for which recipients have voluntarily registered. Using QuestionPro to send e-mail to an address you obtain without the consent of such addressee is a violation of the QuestionPro Terms of Service. You may not import any e-mail addresses to your list that have not chosen to receive your mailings. You may only send e-mail to customers that have willingly signed up to receive your mailings. If QuestionPro receives complaints about your list, your account is subject to immediate termination. You may not send mail under any company or organization name other than your own and/or with fraudulent header or source information.
  3. We cannot and do not, monitor, censor or edit the contents of email messages sent using our system. Users alone are responsible for the contents of their messages and the consequences of any such messages. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for messages or other content that is created by our users. You may not send, post, distribute or disseminate any defamatory, obscene, or otherwise unlawful messages, material or information, including another person's proprietary information (including trademarks, trade secrets, or copyrighted information) without express authorization from the rights holder.
  4. We will cooperate with legal authorities in releasing names and IP addresses of users who are involved in SPAM or other illegal activities.
Indications that you might be sending SPAM:
  1. You purchased or rented a list
  2. You are sending to general addresses such as:,,,, or other general addresses.
  3. You are mailing to anyone who has not agreed to receive email from you.
  4. You have falsified your originating address or transmission path information.
  5. You have used a third party email address or domain name without their permission.
  6. Your subject line contain false or misleading information.
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