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How can I add an image question?

Click on

  • Login »  Surveys »  Edit
Click the green plus button to add a question. From Standard Question Types, select the Image and Video section. Within the Image and Video section, you can select one of the four options: Select One Select Many Rating Video Question Text: Enter in the Question Text here. Name: Enter in the Answer Option Text here. Image: Select the Image from the drop menu. Image should be uploaded prior to adding the question. Display – Column: Select Display – X Column option. Click on Save Question to add the question.
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What are the different Image/Multimedia question types available?

  • Image Chooser (Select One): Similar to Multiple Choice Single Select Question (Radio Button)
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  • Image Chooser (Select Multiple): Similar to Multiple Choice Multiple Select Question (Check Box)
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  • Image Rating (Rate one or more Images): Similar to Matrix Questions for rating one or more images.
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What different display options are available?

When adding/editing you can select from Display 1-Column to Display 5-Column options.

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How can I add an image to the image question type?

Follow the below steps to add iamge:

    Add the image question type
  • Hover over the image you wish to update, and click on Click to edit image
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  • Here you will get three options, Add Image, Image Library and Google Image Search
    • Add Image: Under Add Image, you can either drag the image or browse. There is also option to resize the image: auto-size to window, small, medium, large or custom.
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    • Image Library: You can choose from your Image Library.
    • Google Image Search: You can search for your image from Google. Key in your search word, and browse through the options in Google.
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How will the image question type look when I preview it?

The image question will look as below:

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