Date and Time question

What is the Date/Time question?

  1. Click the Add Question button to add a question.
  2. From the Standard Question Types select the Date / Time question.
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  4. Enter the question text.
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There are various settings available with this question type:-

1. Validation and Display settings:

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  • Validation:There are various types of validations QuestionPro provides.
    • You can set the question to be mandatory ( Require response) Check how
    • You can code your own javascript validation for the question.Check how
  • Date/Time Settings:There are various types of Date/Time Settings QuestionPro provides.
    • Display Date and Time: Select if you would like to display date or display time. Displaying the time will allow the time entry drop-down to appear next to the date drop-down.

      Note: The question cannot be added until at least one option from ‘display date’ or ‘display time’ is selected.

    • Default to Today's Date: Select if you would like to display today's date as by default. This will always be the date that you or the respondent accesses the survey.
      Note: This option can be enabled only if the ‘display date’ option is enabled.
    • Select Date Format: You can select date format from drop-down.
  • Year Range: By default, the year range starts from 1900 to 2049. You can pre define a year range so that the respondents will be able to select a year within a specific range.

2. Look and Feel:

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  • Instructions/ Header: You can add instruction in the form of text which will be displayed on top of the question. Check how
  • Embed Video: You can insert a video into the question using Youtube or Image library. Check how
  • Question and Answer width: You can change the question and answer width for the question in the survey. Check how

3. Tips:

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You can add tips on how to take the survey or what exactly the question means so that the respondent finds it easier to respond without any confusion. Check how


It helps to map questions from communities. Check how

Why use a Date/Time question ?

Date/Time questions store the date/time information entered by respondents in a special format. This format enables tools to filter data based on the dates entered by respondents.

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