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What are the benefits of using Interactive Slider Rating Scales?

Interactive Slider Rating Scales gives researchers the opportunity to produce question and answer styles that incorporate a greater breadth of answers, as well as enable animation and interactivity.

What are two types of Interactive Slider Rating Scale?

1. Text Slider

2. Numeric Slider.

How to insert an Numeric Slider Rating Scale question type?

Go to: Survey >> Edit >> Add Question >> Graphical Rating >> Numeric Slider .

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Enter the question text and the answer options.
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On the survey the question will display as follows:
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How can I change the Text slider scale to Numeric slider scale?

While adding interactive slider question type, a drop down box is provided having options as "Text Slider" and other as "Numeric Slider".

Simply select "Numeric Slider" from it and save the question.

"Numeric Slider" has scale ranging from 0 to 100.

Can I have decimal points for numeric slider question type?

Yes, you can have decimal points for numeric slider question type. In order to enable this option go to:

  • Click on Edit icon for the question.
  • Under the Scale Option, add the decimal scale under Step. For example, you can add 0.5 and the scale will be 0.5, 1, 1.5 2 and so on.
  • Click on Save Question
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