Setting up Facebook authentication for a survey

How can I integrate Facebook Connect with my survey?

You can integrate Facebook Connect Authentication in two ways see below screenshot:

  1. Facebook Connect

    Go To : Login » Surveys » Edit » Security

  2. Survey Software Help Image

How does Facebook Connect work?

Facebook Connect allows users who take your survey to first authenticate on and then (upon a successful authentication) they will be allowed to take the survey.

You can also give the respondents the options to skip the authentication. You will see a text box right below the Facebook connect option

Survey Software Help Image

How can I add a Facebook Connect question to my survey ?

You can add the Facebook connect question from the Social Media question types under Add On Modules.

Survey Software Help Image

Can I add the Facebook Connect question any where in the survey?

Yes. The Facebook Connect type question can be added anywhere in the survey.

How does the question look like on the survey?

Survey Software Help Image

Does the system store Facebook details on who took the survey etc.?

For every response the following data is stored for reference purpose:

  • External Reference: Facebook UID (numeric user id)
  • Custom Variable 6: Full Name
  • Custom Variable 7: Locale
  • Custom Variable 8: Gender
  • Custom Variable 9: Link

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