Smiley/Thumbs up Question setup?

  1. Smiley Rating: It is 5-point rating scale, intended to represent sentiments from negative to neutral to positive.
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  3. Thumbs Up/ Down: It is multiple choice question with yes and no as the only two options.
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How can I setup Smiley/Thumbs up Question?

    • Login »  Surveys »  Edit »  Add Question
  • 1. Now click on the Add New Question button.
  • 2. Select Thumbs Up/ Down or Smiley Rating question type from Graphical Rating section of Standard Question Types .
  • 3. Customize the Question Text and the labels and click on Save Question button
  • For Smiley Rating:
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  • For Smiley Yes/No:
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There are various settings available with this question type-

1. Validation and Display settings:

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  • Validation:There are various types of validations QuestionPro provides.

    You can set the question to be mandatory ( Require response). Check how

2. Look and Feel:

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  • Instructions/ Header:You can add instruction in the form of text which will be displayed on top of the question.Check how
  • Embed Video:You can insert a video into the question using Youtube or Image library. Check how
  • Location search:You can add a small map on the side of the question.
  • Display:You can add alternating colors for your options. It becomes easier to read as well as it looks good. Check How
  • Question and Answer width:You can change the question and answer width for the question in the survey. Check How

3. Tips:

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You can add tips on how to take the survey or what exactly the question means so that the respondent finds it easier to respond without any confusion. Check How