Importing language translations

How can I insert/import language translations for the survey?

Go to:

  • Login » Surveys » Edit » Languages » Add Other Languages
  • Survey Software Help Image
    Survey Software Help Image
  • Select the language/ languages and click on Add Language Version
  • Click on the Import Translations button.
  • Click on Download Import Template link to download the template file format for the survey.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Enter your translations for the languages in the corresponding cells.

    Survey Software Help Image

  • When the template is ready, come back to the Language Translation Import screen.
  • Click Browse and select the file with translations and click on Import button.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • All translations for the languages will get imported

What is the file format for the translation template?

  • The template file is in Excel (.xlsx) file format.
  • For each language, there is a pre-defined column in the excel file.
  • Please make sure you enter your translations in the correct language column.
  • Please do not make any changes in columns A, B, C and rows 1, 2 and 3.

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