Conjoint Analysis FAQ

What tools does the Conjoint Analysis offering include?

The QuestionPro Conjoint Analysis offering includes the following tools:

  1. Conjoint Task Creation Wizard

    Wizard based interface to create Conjoint Tasks based on simply entering Features(Attributes) and Levels for each of the features.
  2. Conjoint Design Parameters

    Tweak your design but choosing the number of tasks, number of profiles per task as well as "Not-Applicable" option.
  3. Utility Calculation

    Automatically calculates utilities.
  4. Relative Importance

    Automatically calculates relative importance of attributes (based on utilities)
  5. Cross/Segmentation and Filtering

    Filter the data based on criteria and then run Relative Importance calculations.

How to add a conjoint question?

  • Under Edit Survey click on the Add New Question link and select the Conjoint (Discrete Choice) Option from under Advanced Question Types.

    Survey Software Help Image

  • Enter the features and levels.

    Survey Software Help Image

    Features/Levels cannot be added or removed once the conjoint question is set up. If you need to make changes please add a new question.
  • On the survey the selection options will display as below:

    Survey Software Help Image

Where can I view Reports for Conjoint Questions?

  • Go To:
    • Login »  Surveys »  Reports »  Choice Modelling »  Conjoint Analysis
    Survey Software Help Image
  • Here you can view the online conjoint analysis reports.

    Survey Software Help Image

  • You can download the data in Excel/CSV or HTML format.
    Survey Software Help Image

Can I try out the software before buying?

Due to complex nature of the analysis and the level of expertise required to support such an offering, unfortunately we cannot provide free trials. However, QuestionPro will provide a pro-rated refund of fees paid if QuestionPro tools do not function as advertised and explained.

Will I have a dedicated person within QuestionPro to talk/email whenever I have questions on the Conjoint tools?

Yes - This will be part of the hourly support fee. While we cannot guarantee that our Conjoint support staff will be available for you 24x7, we will strive to return/answer emails by the same business day. In some cases it may take up to five business days to give detailed explanation and answers.

Does Conjoint Analysis come with Unlimited 24x7 Support?

No - Our standard Unlimited 24x7 support is for Online Surveys, not Conjoint Analysis. As explained in the previous question, a dedicated and knowledgeable staff of QuestionPro will be assigned to you. You will be able to call/email him/her to answer your conjoint questions. All our Conjoint support staff are located in the United States and are generally available 9AM-5PM PST.

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