Conjoint Analysis – Profiles

What are Profiles?

A conjoint profile is a set of attributes with different levels that are displayed for selection. Respondents would be shown a set of products, prototypes, mock-ups, or pictures created from a combination of levels from all or some of the constituent attributes and asked to choose from the products they are shown. Each example is similar enough that consumers will see them as close substitutes, but dissimilar enough that respondents can clearly determine a preference. Each example is composed of a unique combination of product features.

Where can I see Profile analysis?

Go To:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Reports »  Choice Modelling »  Conjoint Analysis
Survey Software Help Image
  • Under Conjoint Analysis, select the profile tab and you can view the best and worst profiles. The best profile is always displayed on the left and the worst profile on the right. In between, you can select a custom profile to see how it compares with the best and the worst profile.

Survey Software Help Image
  • For the selected profile, you can see the percentage point difference between the best profile and the selected profile in red.
  • The percentage point difference between the worst profile and the selected profile is displayed in green.
  • You can also limit/narrow down on the profiles by selecting specific levels for the attributes.
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